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July 08, 2014



thanks so much! Am finaly on my computer (instead of my iPad) so I went back and downloaded all the others. they will be so helpful!

Congratulations on your new addition to your family, too! :)

Anna Sigga

These are adorable - thanks so much!


Thank you so much -- this color is my favorite so far. You have become the label lady of scrapland. :D


My current favorite colors to work with! Thank you!

Denise Parcells

Best wishes to you in your final days of pregnancy. My kids like to stay cozy, too. Both were induced, one on his due date, the other the next night (and born on 10/10/10, how awesome is that?) and I suspect that trend will continue when we have our third child. Hoping the time between now and baby's arrival goes by smoothly for you...enjoy the extra pampering time, ha!

 Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

Awesome colors!! Thx so much! As soon as I use, I will share on Instagram!

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