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May 06, 2014



Love these! Perfect color for spring and summer. Thank you!

Denise Parcells

Beautiful color choice!

Gayle P

I love these! I got this set to cut great, one set of the black to cut but slightly wonky and now I can't get my machine to register the registration marks on the black set and the multi color set... any suggestions?

Kaitlin Sheaffer

What has worked for me is making sure I have the lid open on my silhouette and good lighting. I actually have a desk lamp that I bring over and shine directly over the blade area and that is when I have the best results.

Also having my machine on a flat surface...and make sure when you are placing the registration marks on your page that the overlapping gray grid lines don't cover any area of the design or adjust the registration mark settings (you may have scale down the design- I usually scale it down by 95%)

Occasionally if I have trouble I have restarted my machine and the silhouette software, but usually any issue I have with registration marks comes from poor lighting into the machine.

I hope that helps!


Thanks so much! Love them!


Beautiful color ! Thank you for your files.


Thank you for sharing your work, it is really appreciated

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