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May 30, 2014


Denise Parcells

These are awesome!! I used the black ones like crazy in a couple of PL spreads I did recently...nothing crazy, unexpected or out of the ordinary, but they really helped me out:



Gina Ponce

omg!!! thank you !!! i love your labels! You are such a spoiler! :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

So happy you like them!


Puffy heart LOVE these labels!!! thank you so much!!! I wanted to use them on a Father's Day project today. Can someone please show me how to layer the black solid ones (found in the wood grain set),on top so I can get a good trace? I understand that I need to put one on top of the other but I cant seem to line them up exactly. Is there a trick lol:) can't wait to use them

Kaitlin Sheaffer

I don't know that there is a trick but I made sure both sets are scaled the same but if you've already done that and it's not working still you can select the 'traced images' and go to Object> release compound path and that will ungroup all of the tracing lines so you can move them individually.


OMG OMG OMG! Thank you for having these available for download! I have become obsessed with these after seeing them all over scrapbooker's layouts...now I have my own! Yay!


I am a serious label-lover and just discovered your downloads. Thank you SO much Kaitlin! It's super-generous of you to share them with us. I use labels in my PL and regular layouts a lot (almost every page), so I'll be sure to link you up when I use yours! Thanks again!

 Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

Okay I'm thanking you again & again for the post after this!

Diane B.

Thank you SO much for these labels! I've hit the motherlode! I'm constantly searching for blank labels for my PL pages and these are EXACTLY what I've been searching for! Thanks again! I think you've made my YEAR!

Diane B.

I haven't had any luck copying/pasting the blank (black) cut template over the labels in order to print and cut. When I paste it over the colored labels I can't see my bottom file so I have no idea if I'm lining them up correctly. Am I supposed to change the cut template to a transparent background? If so, can you explain how to do that? I'm a semi-newbie to the Silhouette Portrait and I'm so anxious to use these labels. Any guide or quick video tutorial would be much appreciated. Thanks a ton!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Are you using the trace feature on the black cut template? I typically open the template up in a separate file, then go ahead and trace it there. Then delete the black portion so I am only left with the trace/ cut lines. Then I copy it and paste it directly over the print file.

Diane B.

Thank you! I forgot to remove the black part and just use the trace! As we speak I am printing & cutting labels in all colors of the rainbow thanks to your beautiful labels! Yay! Thanks again.


Thanks so much for the free lovely labels!!!! So generous of you :-)

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