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March 03, 2014


Denise Parcells

My oldest (who was an only child at the time) was 28 months when our newest arrived last year. He had a few nightmares the first few days we were home and has definitely become a daddy's boy because I was the constant go to for food and comforting for the newest addition, but let me tell you, they are the BEST of friends. He LOVES being a big brother and even though he doesn't get that his little brother is more fragile than he is, they LOVE to play together. I'm glad they are so close in age and when your newest is old enough to play with your daughter, I'm sure you'll be amazed at how well they get along. I think my oldest running to his dad rather than me for comfort after our youngest was born was harder on ME than anything. The new addition changed the dynamics of the bond I had with my oldest which was a bit heartbreaking, but it's nice to know that my husband gets to feel that special bond, too. My youngest is now just shy of 16 months and he still runs to me for comfort and the oldest only wants me to comfort him when I'm the only option. The super close relationship they have is what really makes it really nice having them close together in age. When the baby wasn't old enough to play much, the oldest would refuse to nap because he didn't do enough to wear himself out, but in the past month or so the baby has gotten big enough to play so they play together from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep and there hasn't been a single day where they refuse a nap since that started!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

That's so great, Denise! I love the closeness in age that my youngest two have and so I am excited that there will be one more!
It's so much fun when they start playing together. It took a while for my youngest two to be able to play together (they are 4 and almost 2 now) but now they are great buddies- just like you said!
I am still a little nervous about my youngest adapting to another sibling, because she is such a glue stick to me. But she has gotten better recently about going to her dad or my oldest for comfort which gives me hope ;)

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