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June 18, 2013



So stunning Kaitlin.You have outdone yourself. I'll be buying it, that is for sure!

Fancy Pants Designs

OMG! I need this so much! congratulations, this is gorgeous! :D

Céline Navarro

OMG! I need this so much! LOVE IT! congratulations!


Congratulations!!! It is gorgeous!!! It's obvious that you are totally worthy ;)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

:) Thank you!

Mary Ann Jenkins

OMGoodness, add this to my must have list!! I love it!! Beautiful colors, great patterns...yep, must have!!
Oh and congrats, I'm so excited for you!!

Lisa C.

What a beautiful collection!! Love the colors so much!

caz hancock

WOW this is a must have line, it is stunning. Well done you :)


Such fabulous news! So excited to see your business growing and expanding! I especially love that this is balanced with feminine and masculine colors and has great geometric bones too! :) Cannot wait to see it in person too! :)

Melanie S

This is such a beautiful collection! I can't wait to play with it! Congrat's!!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

I am feeling SO very lucky and happy myself! What a great team to be on :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you so much Amanda! It's good to hear such great feedback and I am so glad you like both the colors and patterns!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

So happy you are loving this and the Scraptastic items! Love working on those each month!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you Jennie!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you so much Debbie! What a nice compliment! I am so thrilled!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Oh Celine! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so sweet!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you Mary Ann! I truly appreciate you stopping by and checking in on me every so often :) So happy you are considering it a must have- really makes me so happy!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Caz, thank you SO much! It really means so much- and for you to consider it a must have line (oh my gosh!) I am truly so happy!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you so very much Suz! I am so thrilled that you love it :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you SO much!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you Michelle!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you Lilith! Hopefully we can persuade Jessica for a kit ;)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you Angie!

Jasmine Marie

So exciting! What a pretty collection! Can't wait to buy it!

Cathy fong

Very very beautiful design. It catch my eyes first time seeing it.congratulations!

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