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February 22, 2011



Thank you so much for sharing, can't wait to fill these out with my children.

Monika Wright

wow, puts my little book to shame...going to share with my FB friends now!

Eniko DeLisle

This is such a fun idea! You are so sweet to share the free downloads. I checked out your shop & love your designs...would love to use some for my day-to-day "Project Life" type of layouts, but I'd prefer to print them out myself. Do you offer some of your products as downloadables for sale? xo


Love these!! Thank you so much!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

You're welcome Gabi :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

I have a little book too for my daughter...sadly I don't think I used it often. Thanks for sharing :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Hey Eniko- I have been considering doing some digital/ printables items for a while but I just haven't dived into it yet. Hopefully soon :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Glad you like them- Thanks!

Debbi G.

Love these!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

You're welcome Debbi- so happy you like them :)


Thanks, Kaitlin! I will look forward to your digital/printables...in the meantime, I'll probably place an order soon. You're awesome! -Eniko


Thank you so much for sharing! Perfect timing for my twins who are starting to come out with some cracking things!


Fantastic idea! This was EXACTLY the idea we had for creating http://kidisms.com ! We wanted a place for our families and friends to not only be able to share all of their great "kidisms" with the rest of us, but as a record for posterity! Now we have the digital and analog versions :D



bwahahha that is genius! Seriously! My 5 year old says the craziest things!


OHHHH! I love them! Thanks so much for this awesome gift!!!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

You're welcome! Glad you like it :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Jason- what an awesome idea to have a place to post these online. It certainly is fun reading things other kids say. My friend is a kindergarten teacher and each week she puts a quote from a kid in the newsletter going home. She said all of the parents think that is the best part of the newsletter. I will be sure to check out your site and help spread the word :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

So glad you love them!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

:) That is one of my favorite ages!

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy

Oh how cute! I love them! Thanks for the freebies!

Laura Evangeline

Oh! Can we use these to submit to publications?

Kaitlin Sheaffer

You're welcome Crystal- so glad you love them :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Yes Laura, of course! I would love if you did :)

Laura Evangeline

Yeah! I'll try my best, & let you know how it goes! :-)

Laura Evangeline

Check it out! Look for a card in the December issue of CARDS. Thanks!!! :-)

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