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July 12, 2010



Did you ever try the moby wrap? I need one.... oh...and do you use regular soap or organic? I'm making the switch to cloth....real soon. thanks for the wipe idea!!!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

The Moby wrap and the Sleepy Wrap seem to be the same thing. I told my friend about the Sleepy Wrap and she found the Moby Wrap in a store near her so she ended up getting that one. She loves it and from what I can tell there is not a difference. I am just using Johnsons and Johnsons for the baby wash. That is the kind my friend gave me and I recently needed to buy another and I thought about going the organic route- but it really was a lot more pricier for a lot less product. Plus he seemed to be doing good with the Johnson & Johnson (plus it just has that familiar baby smell to it that I like).


Sounds...good. I just wondered if his booty was picky. lol My Noah needs non dyes, super sensitive stuff. I love J&J's smell. mmmm too bad picky booties won't allow that. lol

I made a Moby wrap. You are totally right. OMG...Noah loves being that close to me. I actually got things done around here. YAY!!

Josh Healy

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