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May 31, 2012


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JJ Sobey

Great idea for all those instagram pics!


This is stunning Melanie!!!!!! I want to do this!


BTW...are you printing at home or through a service?

Melanie Louette

Hi Stephanie~ I print everything out at home usually. I resized my pics in PS, and printed 2 photos onto a 4x6 size photo paper. Thanks!


You are so dedicated, Mel! Did you know you have penmanship for journalling? Love your script!


... oops .... forgot the most important word here ......... *great* penmanship. :0

Melinda T

Love this! I'm fairly new to instagram(I have an android)but already have a ton of photos! TFS!


love this idea!!! i have been taking so many shots but haven't gotten to printing them and i am a little afraid to try printing at home...maybe this will kick start me!


Fabulous Mel! Totally what I wanted to do with my December Daily, but never did, because, uh, I'm a lazy bum... ;) I love this so much. Simple and gorgeous!


This is amazing. :)


Thanks Melanie!

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