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April 30, 2012


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fantastic layout! what a great idea!

Angie Gutshall

Love the way you used the tags and flair buttons! Great design!


I love this!!! Love the clean lines, the tags and the whole concept!! Brilliant use of the custom flairs!!!


I love this Pam, those monogrammed buttons are the best. I wish my LSS would carry Ormolo. A friend and I are thinking of putting in an order, I think it's time with all the new stuff coming out :)


I LOVE this layout! two questions: how do you print on tags? and how big are your photos?


Kaitlin Sheaffer

Hey Rosa- Pam used a typewriter for the journaling on the tags.
But if you don't have one here is a tutorial from Christa on how you can use your printer to print on tags. If you want it to look like a typewriter you could use a typewriter font.


And I would guess the photos are about 2.5" square (judging from the size of the tags)


Thanks so much Rosa!! Yep, that is correct-typewriter for the journaling and the photos are 2.5" square:)

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