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June 24, 2011


Linda Trace

please please please!!! Id LOVE to participate in this class!!


I love all things purple - all shades

Melissa Stinson

I love green! Anything green!!

Thanks for the chance to win!!

Jenn Olson

I'm one of those people who like two colors perfectly evenly...blue AND green. This class looks amazing, I'm crossing my fingers!

Kelly K.

Orange! Thanks!


Right now, I'd have to say yellow. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sarah K

Reds....especially pink!




right now, I am loving touches of organge.

Judy Grubbs

I love green - chartreuse, apple green, really bright!


Lately, violet, which I strangely like much more than purple!

Jennifer L.

I love a deep, rich red. I have a pair of shiny Dansko's (clogs) that I wear to work every day, and people call me Dorothy with the ruby slippers! "There's no place like home", and there's no color like red! Thanks for the chance!


I love purple, it's my new favorite color as it is so exciting:)
I'd love to win a place in the class.

Margaret Lussier

Purple, purple, purple-My all time favorite color! Thanks for the opportunity!


My favorite color has always been blue....but I love green too....can we just have many favorite colors maybe?? LOL!

Margie Visnick

My favorite color is blue-all shades!!


I'd love to enter! Sounds intruiging! My favourite colour is purple!

Laura BC

Does brown count? I love different shades of brown. After that, blue.

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