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March 18, 2011



Oh gosh. I'd apply to be on your DT in a heartbeat. Your tags made my December Daily ( what I did actually finish ;p) so much easier.You can check out my blog for examples around those DD dates.
I love your stuff. I say definitely go for it... you will have a ton of applications. :)

Michele H.

Your product is amazing. You'll get lots of applications and I know I would be one of them!

Beautiful layout...I've been diving into digi scrapbooking as well. Very minimal but I like what i've done so far:)

Kim Brown

I love your things. I saved my kids say stuff in my reader with a big gold star....plus i love you bc i won my ali edwards class from you.
i just started digital and would to see you stuff. i'm still a paper scrapper, but when it comes to crops, i going digital. no need to pack.
can't wait to see more stuff!


I love your stuff and I would deff. apply. Do I have to tell others, I might not get picked. lol. Such a cute page :)

Jennifer L.

Two things I said when I saw this page: 1)"Wow, I just love this layout! So cute!", then 2)"Me, me, me!!! I want to apply!!!" I bet I am not the only one who absolutely adores your paper goodies, and anyone who loves to scrapbook will also love your digi ones, too (I do both). You have created so many pretty things that are fun to use and versatile, too;using your products always adds something special to my layouts. Feel the love, Kaitlin, feel the love!

Jules Hollis

I would totally apply to a team call as I am sure many others would too. I love your stuff. I only discovered you this last winter (via December Daily with Ali), so I don't have many projects with your products. You seem so personable and nice in your posts, so I am sure you would be fabulous to work with.


I also discovered you via Ali, but have just kept finding more and more to love since then. I am continually amazed at how much I use your products and how well they flow in with my style. So yes, in short, I would love to apply and think a DT would be a great way to promote the excellent work you are doing.

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Oh gosh Melanie- Thank you so much! Please do apply :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you so much Michele! I am liking the digital layouts I have done as well. I seem to learn a little more with each layout I do and it's a nice change to all paper layouts sometime. I hope to see your application in the mix when I do get all the information out for the call ;)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

That is a great point- digital is really good for crops. Then you don't have to spread out...it's all right there at your fingertips. I hope you are enjoying your class from Ali. I took that class last year and although I admit I haven't completed most of it- it's nice because I know it's there when I am ready. Also, she has SO much stuff in her classes. It really is a great value- especially when you win a spot :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

You think like me! I wouldn't tell others too :) Yes- please do apply!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

You are too nice Jennifer! Please do apply when I put up the call information. I would love to see your application in the mix :)

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you so much Jules! I am so glad you found me- especially through Ali. She has such cool projects and I love sponsoring her site- she is such an inspiring person. I would love for you to apply!

Kaitlin Sheaffer

Thank you so much Abbey! I am SO glad you find the products easy to work with. I would love for you to apply when put the call information up :)

Aimee Maddern

I can't wait to apply. hurry hurry hurry call info...

Kaitlin Sheaffer

It's coming soon :)

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