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October 11, 2010


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fabulous, thank you, just right to start my December Daily planning


thank you so much!

Michele H.

these are wonderful! thanks so much.

Tara M

Thanks, they are so fab.


Thank you! :)


Awesome. I am doing a budget-friendly December Daily (one of Ali Edwards "babies"), trying to use things that I already have. Of course, freebies are always welcome. Thank you so much!


Thanks so much for sharing!

Renee J.

Thanks so much! They are adorable!!


Thank you so much for sharing, these will be great for my Christmas journal x

Katherine M

Thank you! So elegant! I can't wait to get started creating with them!


Oh wow- these are gorgeous! I would love to link to them in an upcoming Christmas Roundup if you didn't mind.

Tam Harper

Perfect for my Advent calendar! Thanks!


Wow!!! These are wonderful! Thanks so much for this awesome pre-Christmas gift!!!


These are cool. Thank you.


love this; thank you!!

Kathy R

Thank you! These will be great for my December Daily.




Thanks, these are gorgeous!

Elisa Nishimura

They're fabulous, thank you!

Sonda T

Thank you! I have a project to do and these will be perfect! :) xoxo

Tiffany H.

I just found your site via One Pretty Thing. Gorgeous work! Thank you for sharing this great printable. My brain is swirling with the many ways I can use these cards. Once again, thank you for sharing your work.


I just downloaded these. It's just what I was looking for. I'm starting tomorrow with the 12 days of Christmas for my sister!! Thanks!

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LOVE love LOVE these ! Thank you so much for sharing them.. now off to check out your blog.


thank you so much! love these!

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